Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can't Sell Dope Forever

Worldstar posted a video recently of an Ice-T interview. He proceeds to air-out the rappers who "are not real" in how they portray themselves as living a lifestyle of bling whereas the cars, homes, and etc in their videos are all rented.

Ok, nothing new there. So I wasn't really paying attention until @ about 5:50 where T drops a gem.

"...Anybody who gets in the game without an exit strategy is destined to perish...I dont give a f*ck what you're doing, you have to say Im gonna get to this point then Im out...[Madoff] made billions and had no exit strategy..."


An exit strategy is a means of escaping one's current strategy, typically an unfavorable one. But in business/investing/hustling an exit strategy can be positive. Its "cashing out" of whatever it is you are in.

Not having an exit strategy then is equal to losing out all together.

"Get in, get out, that's the O.G's classic"
- Memphis Bleek, 1-900-Hustler